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      Your Smart Eco-Friendly solution provider, To Build Clean And  Green World
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      We are your personal sales partner, distributor & marketing manager which helps you to get your product easily accessible with filtered cost.


    We Are

    We are pledged to work for a better, smarter and green technology for a better world by promoting business in an innovative way

    Solar For Home

    Install solar from Hiight and make your roof work for you and earn for you. Get extra benefit by govt. subsidy on Rooftop solar Installation

    Solar For Business

    Use Solar for business and generate more revenue. Now you can get electricity at
    lower rates as compared to your DISCOM rates without any investment.

    Flexible Prices

    We do a lot of research before launching any product in the market it helps you to get filtered prices from channel partners across India. Solar is also available with easy finance

    Large Community

    We have large community of channel partners, distributors working 24 x 7 to make products & our services available easily accessible and available at each corner

    Quality Service

    With quality smart eco-friendly gadgets & solar equipment, your products from Hiight is promised is well tested and guaranteed to perform as promised for years

    Hiight Green Energy Solution


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    Unlimited Possibilities

    We are working with many smart, green & clean technology developers and promoters to build a better and smarter solution

    Quick & Easy

    We are all in one local distributor, aggregator, and dealer. working hard to provide easy accessibility of our services at each corner

    Updates & Support

    Our dedicated team of professional are smart enough to handle complicated things and fix them easily in minutes.

    100% Eco-friendly

    we are working hard to build energy efficient innovative solutions to get rid off from environmental problems we are facing from years

    Everything Solar

    promoting rooftop solar for home & business both to make people save electricity and money by generating its own electricity

    Clean & Modern

    The modern mobile apps and gadget are smart enough to help you to save electricity and give you real time updates by tracking your system

    • Brain Storming

      Book your solar system over phone or by sending us email with electricity bill and location

    • Easy Quote

      Get complete analysis of how much solar you need and how it will work & know your project cost

    • Pay & Start

      Pay amount as mentioned in quotation and get delivery of equipment’s at your home to start installation

    • Done!

      Pay remaining amount and get your solar installation done in few hours with quality service guaranty

    We Are Professional

    Our Products

    Product Includes smart solar batteries, solar inverters, solar string monitoring systems, solar power banks, energy efficient room light managing gadgets, smart personal air conditioner, energy star products, solar caps, solar bags, solar LED lights, solar panels, portable solar light, and window solar chargers

    Creative and Design

    Handling distribution network across India and easily custom marketing solution to make product easily available and creative marketing skill giving us to generate huge no. of sales. other services are rooftop solar installation, solar installation with boot model, solar energy PR agency, equipment dealer, equipment supplier and your personal B2B service provider

    Our Skills

    We workforce of sales manager, marketing professionals, IT developers, dealers & distributors are helping us to grow better.We all are dedicated to adopting clean energy solutions by we are promoting them by creating social awareness programs and by our save trees campaigns

    Solar 90%
    Clean Technology90%
    smart gadgets80%
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    Hiight is working with hundreds of dealers, distributors, and solar installation providers to get things done properly, with the larger customer base in only one year and strong support from finance providers, installers and dealers made us most trusted solar installation provider.

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    All product and gadgets promoted from Hiight are smart enough to save your time and electricity both.The services are also smart with the real time monitoring system to track your system

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    Fresh News

    Get Updated with latest news and updates about green energy and clean technology. Also know more about smart Eco-friendly gadgets who saves electricity

    Electric Bike

    September 19, 2017
    This new electric bike from DELFAST is going to break the record of the most efficient e-bike, Even Tesla can have the maximum output of 346 km on a single charge. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

    Solar Aircraft

    September 16, 2017
    Here is another achievement for efforts toward clean technology and energy efficiency from last several years. Two Swiss engineers and business built world’s first solar power aircraft, not only they built but also took a world tour from this solar powered aircraft. The battery powered aircraft is a marvel in the energy efficiency industry and both inventors have decided to spread awareness about the technological.This marvel is known as “IMPULSE“. After completing the first experiment with Impulse 1, which was designed to remain airborne up to 36 hours they have built another model “IMPULSE 2″ which completed the world tour with zero fuel. CLICK TO READ FULL STORY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Cooling Film

    September 9, 2017
    Air-conditioner is an electrical appliance everyone wants to use it at his home to make it cool in summer season. An average house uses 5 to 10% of electricity consumption to cooling home and buildings. Using Air conditioner is now essential and protect us from high-intensity sunlight and outside hot temperature but it requires a lot of energy to run 24 x7.  CLICK TO READ FULL STORY……………………………………………

    Solar Water Cooler

    September 5, 2017
    Researchers at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, invented a solar water cooler which helps to make your home cooler and also helps to reduce electricity bill. Most of us are familiar with solar water heater and we are using it for decades now, But these solar water cooler using a different material to build an efficient cooling system. The solar panel used in this cooling system is placed atop a roof, and they made of three components. 1) Silver coating Top layer The plastic layer is CLICK HERE TO READ MORE  

    Transparent Solar Panels

    April 22, 2014
    Solar is largest growing renewable energy sources and after years of research dream of the transparent solar cell is become true. A research team from Michigan State University has finally unveiled the fully transparent like crystal glass solar cell which will READ FULL STORY