Use The Sun Because He is FREE

As prices of electricity are growing day by day , Indian solar industry is playing a big role in the market by providing a most economical solution to consumers by rooftop solar installation.

Now , let the sunshine in and say no to electricity bill

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Get Your Solar Installation Done in Few Hours…..

HIIGHT is working with the team of distributors on an effective solar kit solution. Now, do not need to wait for days or month long for your EPC and rooftop installation. Choose your suitable and economical solar equipment in seconds and rest is our duty to deliver this in just a few hours.


A Smart Battery For Your Smart Home

Now these smart batteries will become a part of your home. these specially designed batteries could give power to your entire house. High storage limit and most compatible solution from HIIGHT is playing a big role in this evolving world.

Rooftop Solar Installation From HIIGHT

HIIGHT is your personal energy expert too. It has a great enthusiastic team who provides installation solution for your home and for your business. Everyone want to go economical and wants to save money, they can make it possible by using an extraordinary solution from HIIGHT



We source low-profile solar panels for a sleek design that sits discreetly on your home because no one wants an eyesore on their roof.
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Your system is designed to produce energy, even when it’s cloudy.


Your system is guaranteed to perform as promised for 20 years.

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At suitable time according to you, a consultation with one of our solar experts will give you all the information you need to weigh your solar options. We do this with you over the phone and at your computer, without anyone climbing on your roof. We’ll design your residential solar panel system, provide an accurate quote, and explain your financial options, including local rebates or other incentives.

We manage every aspect of the installation..

We install dozens of solar systems a day. When you work with HIIGHT, we take care of the planning, paperwork, solar panel installation, applicable rebates, and any hurdle that might come up. All we want you to do is relax and imagine your life powered by solar.


Enjoy your solar home.

Monitor your solar production with our mobile app anywhere, anytime. Share your experience with friends and earn a referral bonus for sending them our way. Most importantly, enjoy peace of mind that the system will perform as we promised—guaranteed

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Customized solution

Hiight efficient panels

Long life

Mobile tracking


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