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    Solar Installation Is Now Easy & Affordable, Your Small Investment In solar Will give You Free Electricity For Next 20 Years.
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Hiight is your personal energy expert deals in rooftop solar installation in India with best quality service guaranty.

Solar For Home

Install solar from Hiight and make your roof work for you and earn for you. Get extra benefit by govt. subsidy on Rooftop solar Installation

Solar For Business

Use Solar for business and generate more revenue. Now you can get electricity at lower rates as compared to your DISCOM rates without any investment.

Easy Finance

Get solar installed on your roof with easy solar finance policy from Hiight. our finance partner will make this possible with minimum down payment.

Quick Installation

Hiight is working with the team of distributors on an effective solar kit solution to get installation done in minimum time period.

Quality Service

With quality equipment solar installation Your solar system from Hiight is guaranteed to perform as promised for 20 years.


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  • Brain Storming

    Book your solar over phone or by sending us email, provide your location details with electricity bills

  • Easy Quote

    Get complete analysis of how much solar you need and how it will work, with standard final cost of project.

  • Pay & Start

    Pay amount as mentioned in quotation and get delivery of equipment at your home to start installation

  • Done!

    Pay remaining amount and get your solar installation done easily with quality work and service guaranty

We Are Professional


Your solar system from Hiight is designed to produce energy, even when it’s cloudy.Highly efficient solar cell mounted solar panel is capable to give highest units in a day


Every Roof has a different structure and made with different types of materials.Our engineers are best in designing most compatible panel mounting structure for your roof.

Mobile Tracking

Get updates about how much energy your solar system is generating with our mobile application designed by highly professional developers for solar system daily analytics.

Smart Solar Battery

We are working on smart battery solution which is smart enough is manage electricity requirement tremendous storage capacity. These batteries are small, compatible and beautiful enough to place in your bedroom.

Our Solar Toolkit

A special solar toolkit solution is designed by Hiight to get the installation done easily. it consists of a combination of solar panel, solar inverter, cable and mounting structure(battery is included if the solution is off-grid). All equipment are branded and long life working capability.Solar toolkit solution is available for installers and now available at your most of dealers store.

Solar Module100%
Solar Inverter100%
Solar Mounting Structure100%


Hiight is working with hundreds of dealers, distributors, and solar installation providers to get things done proper, with larger customer base in only one year and strong support from finance providers, installers and dealers made us most trusted solar installation provider

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